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Managing your career
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Fact sheets

We all want to get ahead but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and daunting to get going. These free fact sheets are provided to give you a boost. I have written them especially for visitors to my website and you can always find out more information from my books."
- Rebecca Tee

This page is updated regularly with new additional fact sheets. Next to be published will be "Mediation at work" an introduction to sorting out troubled working relationships.

Fact sheet on presentation skills >

We fear having to speak in public but we can conquer our nerves.  Focussing on your subject, structuring what you want to say and keeping calm under pressure can transform your presentations.  In this Factsheet you will find advice and tips to get you started.

Fact sheet on managing your career >

“Managing your career requires time, effort and good planning skills. Don’t leave your progress and performance to chance. You can take more control over the development of your working life. In this fact sheet you will find advice and guidance on how to identify, target and attain your goals.”

  Managing Your Career

For more information see "Managing your career2002 by Rebecca Corfield published by Dorling Kindersley

Fact sheet on preparing the perfect CV >

"A well-written CV, or history of your working life, can be the key to unlock improved job chances for you. Make sure you are presenting yourself in the best way you can by following the guidelines set out here."

  Successful Interview Skills

For further information see "Preparing the perfect CV"
4th Edition 2007 by Rebecca Corfield published by Kogan Page.

Fact sheet on application forms >

"Application forms often feel like a chore and the least exciting part of finding a new career. However they represent the gateway to the all-important interview – without which you will not get that job. Taking time and trouble to write an application you feel proud of, can be a confident rehearsal for meeting the employer in person later on. Do not let the task ahead overwhelm you. We all have to fill in application forms and can find it difficult sometimes. The following tips can help you succeed."

  Preparing the Perfect Application

For more information see "Preparing the perfect application"4th Edition 2007 by Rebecca Corfield published by Kogan Page.

Fact sheet on interview skills >

"Interviews seem the most terrifying part of the selection process - particularly if you have not attended one for some time.  Preparing properly and understanding what employers are looking for, will help you to make the most of yourself.  

  Successful Interview Skills

For more information see "Successful interview skills"
4th Edition 2006 by Rebecca Corfield published by Kogan Page.

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